What is Biorhythm Compatibility?

Are you compatible? It’s not as easy as you might think. Biorhythm compatibility is by nature cyclical. It’s possible that what is true today may not be true tomorrow. Contrary to astrological compatibility where we consider the “big picture”, of romantic potential, compatibility within the biorhythms world is “near-term”. You may be very compatible on some days. Sometimes you might wonder what you are doing together.

Biorhythms are not able to tell you if you’re a good couple or not. Biorhythms that measure compatibility tell you how each couple experiences the small, daily variations.

Enter your birth date into the biorhythm app and press the button to generate a graph of your biorhythms. You can see which days are “in sync” with which days.

Biorhythm compatibility is a comparison of the biorhythm charts for two people in a relationship at any one time. You can predict when the biorhythm readings for both partners are most compatible by combining them.

Each birth date has its own biorhythm. Even though two people may be born on different dates, their biorhythm cycles can still be perfectly compatible. When it comes to reading biorhythms of couples, the most important thing is to remember that incompatibilities or compatibilities can only be temporary. Biorhythms are not meant to be the answer to your whole relationship. Consider them as a way of getting insight into (for instance ‘next Friday’).

It is not unusual for one cycle to be almost identical in both of your partners. Two cycles may be almost on the same wavelength in some couples. In rare cases, all three biorhythms cycles may sync perfectly.

NOTE: Couples who share the exact same birthday in the exact year will have perfect lifelong biorhythms.

However, this is not the case for most couples. There will always be days when one side of a couple feels great and the other isn’t. Sometimes one person is more energetic than the other. This is normal. Couples’ cycles almost never coincide. In many cases, mismatched energy levels can actually be a positive thing.

Note: If your biorhythms seem out of sync or not 100%, don’t be afraid to let it go. Few couples can be 100% on the same wavelength as each other, or even half of them. The best couples are often very different in one or more aspects. Understanding what is happening and when it will happen is the most important thing.

Understanding biorhythm divergences

A biorhythm compatibility chart uses the same concepts as a single person biorhythm chart. The compatibility reading can be simply overlayed on biorhythm charts. Each chart is identical as a biorhythm chart and is drawn based upon each person’s birth date.

A romantic biorhythm reading is similar to a regular biorhythm reading. It has two parts. The first part of the reading will calculate the same primary cycles for your intellectual, physical and emotional biorhythms. The second half of the reading will calculate the same passion and wisdom secondary cycles. The most important aspect of a compatibility reading involves noting whether the charts diverge or converge.

A convergent or similar biorhythm is when two people have the same biorhythm. Divergent biorhythms are when biorhythms of two people trend away from each other’s closest match value. You will need to pay attention both to critical days and critical divergences when you do a compatibility reading.

A divergence is when one chart indicates an emotional “bad” day and the other charts shows an emotional ‘good day”. A divergence does not necessarily signify conflict or fighting. However, it could indicate ‘neediness’ and a need to be mindful of your feelings.

So, divergences in the biorythm charts of couples may indicate that extra care is needed. Even if you have the same birth date as your partner, there will still be up and down days. A divergence can make it more difficult for two people to have low cycles at once.

A biorhythm compatibility test

People often ask us if they can test for general compatibility with biorhythms. It’s not a simple question of “yes” or “no”. Biorhythm theory says that divergences are simply signs of passing phases or imbalances. Divergences are not signs of incompatibility or grand disagreements. These are not signs that a couple is not getting along in the wider sense.

Future dates compatible with Biorhythm

This online biorhythm reading is used by most people to check their biorhythm. However, you can also use it to check for important future dates. Are you planning a vacation with your partner? Are you planning a big night out with your significant other? To calculate compatibility for future dates, you can use the “target day” setting. This will give you an idea of which dates are best or what to expect on that date.

NOTE: This app’s latest version calculates based on birth dates and not time of day or time of birth. Although some biorhythm calculators take into account the time of day, there are very few differences between cycles that are based on hours or minutes per day. Do you want precise online biorhythm software that works in hours or minutes? Please use the contact form to let us know. We may add it to our next biorhythm application if enough people request it.