Your Natural “Biorhythm”

You have already found the way to your goals.

The path to take you from where your are to where it is you want is already known and shining for you by Nonphysical. Abraham Hicks

What if you had a life path that was specific from birth?

Your fingerprint is as unique as you are.

You and only you can have a specific universal BioRhythm.

People who are in tune with their biorhythms have greater success in all areas of their lives.

People who are not in tune face greater hurdles and pitfalls.

3 Biorhythm Cycles That You May Be Ignoring, But Could Change Your Life

Before I began blogging and started working at my own pace I spent months trying unsuccessfully to create an “abundant life”.

I read the secret book and tried the law of attraction. I also followed the life coach gurus and purchased countless courses.

Always ended up right back where I started…

This is why many people struggle to achieve what they want in life.

  • It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your soulmate…
  • Making the money that you deserve…
  • All your debts must be paid off.
  • Your dream home…
  • Maintaining good health
  • Or, you can have a fulfilling, rewarding career doing what you love.

You’ll see that I was able to be my boss and travel at my own pace.

I was in pain.

I was the only one who could save me. I want to end my career and financial woes. Otherwise, I will continue to be toxic.

Positive Thinking…

It doesn’t really matter what I do…

I knew I needed to make a drastic change to my Biorhythm in order to transform my life.

It was a difficult journey at first, but once I learned how my biorhythm cycles work, it changed my life.

I was in deep debt and felt trapped for years.

Exhausted mom who is a burnout executive and works in a cog-machine with no other options.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t required to start trying to make big things happen. I just wanted to be secure in my future and get out of debt.

It changed my life so quickly that it was almost unbelievable.

You can make $100, or even $1,000 more income working from home.

I didn’t know I could feel this connected to financial abundance, and live a stress-free lifestyle!

What I have discovered is the Biorhythm cycle’s workings and the unending abundance it triggers.

It is available to everyone…

How to turn your life of purpose and freedom into one of endless abundance.

What are Biorhythm Cycles?

Did you know that all of us evolve and adapt to the rhythms of the universe around?

In July 2016, I began blogging.

Over the years, I’ve grown and changed as a blogger and writer, mentor, investor and, most importantly, as a human-being.

I observed several interesting patterns in the way that my mood was changing.

It’s crazy, I know!

There were many times when I felt super motivated and energized to do what I love. I was able provide better quality content and make more money.

Sometimes, no matter how hard or fast I try to work on a project I just can’t get my ideas together. I often self-sabotage and get stuck.

These patterns are repeated in periodic cycles.

It was all luck and time. I blog because I love it and find time to share my experiences, especially my struggles. This is my way of writing and journaling about what I’ve experienced to help others.

I was curious if there were scientific explanations that could possibly explain these repeated cycles.

That’s when Biorhythm came to my attention.

What is Biorhythm?

Biorhythm posits that our daily lives are influenced by simple mathematical rhythmic cycles of just 23, 28 and 33 days.

These factors can affect one’s ability to perform in different domains such as mental, emotional, and physical activity.

Ever wonder why certain people are born with poor genes and others with rich genes?

And those who know how to activate it can make huge fortunes that have been there since the 1800s.

Here are the Biorhythm cycles that regulate health, emotions, intellect.

There are three types of biorhythms: a physical 23-day cycle, an emotional 28-day cycle and an intellectual 33-day cycle.

The physical cycle regulates strength, energy and endurance. It also manages hand and eye coordination.

The emotional cycle regulates emotions, moods, nerves and feelings.

The intellectual cycle is responsible for rationality, commonsense, focus, reasoning and sense of direction. It also manages judgment and decision-making.

It has completely helped me to have a better understanding of my life and feel more in control of my destiny.

That moment was when I realized…

My search for the perfect life, to escape my depression.

I can now take full control of my life and live the life that I want, not the one I thought I was trapped in.

I had even asked God for a sign, and I cried. I told him everything.It’s a joy to see something appear in my path at just the right moment. It’s almost like the universe is sending it! It was a sign from the universe that I felt more free and could do whatever I wanted to spend more time with my family.

What is the link between Biorhythm and Having the Life of your Dreams?

With the biorhythmic framework described above, you can consciously notice and note your own patterns.

It is a secret that only the richest people in the world know.

They have been sharing this secret for over a decade with their families. From generation to generation.

Your life will be filled with purpose and your personal identity.

Would you like to get rid of the blocks in your energy and manifest the life you want?

The results of combining these two simple steps in checking your biorhythm are amazing.

The combination of your cycle and your biorhythmic rhythms will create a synergistic combination. If you want to make the most of your wealth, combine these two elements to find the intersection of what you enjoy doing and what others want to spend their money on.

These Japanese secrets for living well planner printables are part of my Etsy design your next shop in. They act as a powerful trigger to help you quickly manifest the things that you desire in life, love, and money.

All at once

All the “external”, manifestations such as money, travel, my dream home, and all other things that allow me to be my boss, including being able to travel and work at my pace, are my own.

Let me share with you the deep-seated, soul-soothing calm I felt…

My limiting beliefs could melt away, I could sense it.

I felt peace and balance in my identity and in my purpose in life.

I could already see myself living the life that I was meant to.


This is the secret I wish I had known when I decided to quit my job eight years ago and not leave my child with a babysitter while I went to work.

There are many opportunities and options that you don’t know about. It takes someone with decades worth of experience to show how you can make a living and live comfortably from your home, or like me, a Pinay Trailing wife who lives in China.

You should enjoy doing things that you ENJOY because work should be fun! You can do it!

I was finally living the best life possible.

It was not because I became “master” of my own thing…

Simply put, Watch this 30-minute video In a peaceful, quiet, and tranquil place.

You will get rid of whatever is preventing your most powerful self to manifest itself.

Your authentic self will be more powerful if you are aware of your “Biorhythm Cycle”“.