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The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

The Rhythm of Life: Biorhythms
The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

The seasons have their cycles. They range from the amber autumn days to the verdant spring mornings covered with dew; day-night cycle between light/dark; the oceans swell/regress; and the moon shrinks to a crescent. 

Are humans any different from all other life forms? 

The simple answer to this question is no. The delicate biorhythm that humans use to regulate their bodies is not something we are aware of. It includes the intellectual, physical, intuitive, spiritual, and aesthetic.

Biorhythm is derived from the Greek roots words bios (life), rhythmos, (regularly occurring motion or movement) and can be considered the body’s holistic mathematical systems that can predict or, when studied, control certain aspects of one’s life, such as creativity, high performance and emotional receptivity.

Biorhythms can be described as “invisible waves or energy in the human body that are constantly changing.” They are unique to each person and are believed to start at birth. How and when did biorhythm theory start?

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Beginnings: A Cosmic Harmony – The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms
The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

Biorhythm theories have been around since ancient times, even those who practiced natal astrology. However, the biorhythm theory was developed by Wilhelm Fliess a 19th century German physician and colleague of psychoanalyst Sigmund Fréud. 

Thomas Gale wrote that Fliess’s theory was based on cycles. It is made up of twenty-three days for physical/male and twenty-eight for emotional/female.

Gale says Fliess viewed this system as a “cosmic harmonious governed by the sun cycles, measured in years and personal events, but also affected in some way by animal and plant kingdoms.”

Alfred Teltscher was an engineer at the University of Innsbruck and created the Intellectual Cycle in the 1920s after studying the academic performance of his students.

Biorhythm theory gained popularity in North America and the United States after two publications, This Your Day? Biorhythm: How it Helps You Decide Your Life Cycles by George S. Thommen, and Biorhythm — A Personal Science by Bernard Gittelson. The modern approach to biorhythm has allowed for six clocks or biorhythmic periods, which is a total of six.

  • Physical Cycle: This cycle refers to coordination, strength, energy, and overall well-being. The cycle is twenty-three days long and supports greater awareness of the times for maximum exertion and rest and recovery.
  • Emotional CycleThis 28-day cycle is centered around creativity, awareness and emotional sensitivity. It can help with managing depression and other mood disorders.
  • The Intellectual Cycle At a little over a month, the 33-day intellectual circle provides crucial insights into memory, communication and analytical functioning. This cycle can be used to help with goal-setting and deadlines.
  • The Intuitive Cycling: This period can be a time to trust one’s intuition, but in the lower parts of the cycle it may be wiser to rely on your intellect or logical abilities.
  • The Spiritual cycle: At 53 days long, the spiritual cycle is the longest. It can indicate times when spiritual awareness and potential for mystical breakthroughs are elevated.
  • The Aesthetic cycle: This cycle provides insight into creativity as both an artist and as someone who enjoys the arts.

Knowing the different cycles, their lengths and impacts it is important to understand how to measure and track one’s biorhythms. Which tools are most common?

Tools of the trade: Biorhythm Charts & Calculators – The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

Bio-rhythmcalculator.net offers a complete spectrum calculator. It is simple to use. Simply enter your birth date and the span of your biorhythm charting. The generated chart will give you an idea of what energy flows are and can be used to plan and create a plan according to your critical days.

The curves represent highs and lows. Those above the mid-sectional line are optimum or positive biorhythmic times. Those below it can signify times to pull back or be more reflective or access other energy flows.

Biorhythm and Its Effect on Human Functioning – The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

Most films run around 90 minutes. Psychology Today[1] states that “many functions of the body and brain operate in cycles of approximately 90 minutes each.” Humans, like all animals, live in a world marked by the cycles of day-night. This external fact is also reflected in our bodies.

There has been much debate recently about the importance of getting enough sleep. The relationship between sleep and wake patterns is just as important to our overall health, well-being, and functioning, as what we eat and where we live and how much we make. If the biorhythms of the outside world are in sync, it is possible to experience consistent energy flow rather than extreme highs and lows.

The human body operates on circadian rhythms which include cardiovascular, organs and metabolic functions. The body also has ultradian rhythms which are shorter-lasting. These include REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and dream cycles.

The Alaska Sleep Clinic states that when we fall asleep, the first stage of REM takes around 90 minutes. A normal adult needs at least four to five cycles to get the best sleep. 

We will be more aware of when we need more sleep for high- and low functioning parts of our cycles if we are able to tune our biorhythmic body clocks. Dr. Roseanne Armitage is a University of Michigan sleep expert. She says that ignoring this information can lead to living below one’s potential and stressing the immune system as well as your overall health.

An article[2] published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information examined biorhythms in a cross-section of Iranian bus drivers. This area is known for having the highest number of traffic incidents in the world. 

This study found that unsafe driving habits were directly related to biorhythms of bus drivers. Biorhythm software was used to analyze the data and track “critical days” in their biorhythmic cycles.

Biorhythm, in addition to the body’s functions, can also be used as a tool to find partner compatibility or even love. It is one thing to be in harmony with yourself; it’s quite another to be able achieve this in relationships, friendships, business, and even professional relationships. 

Biorhythm compatibility is a way to help you and your partner find aligned energy levels. It can take you beyond the level of attraction to reach the deeper level.

A biorhythm compatibility calculator is a simple tool that couples can use to discover more about the ties they have and to find out more about their unique connection. 

The Keisan Biorhythm Compatibility Calculator states that the smaller the amplitude, the greater the compatibility between the two people. The smaller it is, the higher the compatibility.

You can use biorhythm for entertainment or to chart the course of your life. See how it improves your health, relationships and intuition.

The Rhythm of Life: Biorhythms
The Rhythm of Life Biorhythms

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